Turbocharged Leadership workshop samples (3:15)

Turbocharged Leadership is not currently taking new clients

Turbocharged Leadership is a consulting firm created to work with organizations of all sizes to improve team productivity, provide effective leadership, and develop individuals into effective team members and leaders.

The knowledge and experience that Turbocharged Leadership has can be utilized to quickly understand your business, its goals, operations, and people, so that plans and training can be swiftly developed and put into place for rapid improvement of your business. Turbocharged Leadership utilizes a combination of scientifically proven psychology tools, experiential learning techniques, and objective measurements to provide a holistic approach to your unique situation.

The Model

Turbocharged Leadership uses an organizational model which takes into account all aspects of team productivity:

  • Individuals
  • Team dynamics
  • Leaders
  • Organization goals

Our Brochure: View PDF Brochure (630KB)

Joel A. DiGirolamo - BSEE, BMA, MS Psychology

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