Newsletter Number 1

November 2011

A new leadership newsletter!

Welcome to the first edition of the Turbocharged Leadership newsletter! I plan to publish this monthly with new articles, presentations, and workshops available to you and others in your company. I welcome all ideas and questions you may have, so feel free to e-mail me at the address below. And... if you are interested in subscribing, sign up here.

I'm passionate about helping you become the leader you would like to be! Joel DiGirolamo

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TIP: The Missing Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs

PRESENTATION POSTED: Zen Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leading Team Alpha Now an Award-Winning Book



Leading Team Alpha Book

The Missing Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs

Many of us have mourned the loss of an American icon—Steve Jobs. He has been hailed as a technology visionary and wizard, cloaked in the ability and chutzpah to bring to market paradigm-shifting products that would annihilate his company's existing products. There is no doubt in Steve's ability to assimilate new technologies, mold them into cutting edge products with avant-garde design, and drive his development team to deliver the goods in a timely fashion. He was the master of focusing on a singular goal. However, that is not the most important leadership lesson we can learn from Steve. Read the full article here.

Zen Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leadership, during turbulent times, becomes a vital component of success for any organization. This session will illuminate the need for laser-sharp focus and stillness to maintain high individual and team performance. Learn how leaders have handled crises in the past and techniques you and your leaders can utilize to achieve moments of stillness and opportunities for reflection. This compelling session will address the importance of goals and how to easily resolve conflict and fear, equipping you with tools to improve performance and effectiveness. Find the slides for this workshop here. Download the slides here.

This topic can be customized for you and your organization.

Leading Team Alpha is Now an
Award-Winning Book

Leading Team Alpha has now won three awards!

  • The Reader Views Literary Award 2010
    for Business/Sales/Economics
  • Winner of the Leadership category of the
    2011 National Indie Excellence Award
  • Readers Favorite Bronze winner in the
    Business/Finance category

Check out the book here and download sample pages. It is available in hardback format from and other fine book purveyors as well as on the Kindle.


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